PC Perspective takes a look at the upcoming release of the AGEIA PhysX physics processor add-in card. With claims of revolutionizing the way games are played, AGEIA has set a high bar they need to reach. In this preview we look at the hardware specifications as they are known today as well as what kind of work AGEIA has gone through thus far to get their software implemented in game engines. Then we finally analyze how this difficult transition might play out over the next couple of years.

This may indicate then that any games that we see released this year that have integrated NovodeX at all, will see some performance increases at the very least with a PPU installed in the system.  By off loading the physics work from the processor and moving it to the PPU, the CPU is then less likely to be a bottleneck on overall game performance, as we have seen many times in current games like Half-Life 2.


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