I have just let loose the AGEIA PhysX preview article I was alluding to yesterday.  I think you’ll find this article to be among the better out there on the subject as we take a much deeper look into what work AGEIA has to do before this idea can take off, and unfortunately for them, its a lot of work.  With a long development cycle on PC games getting only longer, the amount of time that will pass before we see anything substantial making use of this suprisingly expensive hardware may be too long.  And that can only mean bad news.  But there is some hope for the product, and our article explores that as well.  After all, it is a very interesting technology and the demos I have viewed look very impressive.

I just got back from E3 on Sunday but I am already prepping for this Sunday’s return to the skies toward Taipei for Computex 2005.  This is one of the biggest shows of the year and it looks like we could see quite a lot of great stuff being put on display at the show.  Both ATI and NVIDIA have new products to talk about, including cards and board from ATI.  AMD’s dual core parts should be all the rage as well, and hopefully we’ll something new from the motherboard vendors on this topic as well.  There aren’t any new chipsets on the immediate horizon, so the show may be stagnant on that front, but we’ll have to wait til I’m over there to know for sure.  This week involves setting up a lot of meetings and in those meetings hopefully some great stuff will come out that I can share with you all.

Well, back to work, and I have a lot of this week.  With me being out of town all of NEXT week, I need to get enough articles done THIS week to make sure there is content online during my absense.