Legit Reviews is taking a look at the Albatron 6200 TurboCache video card today.  Don’t expect to be very impressed with the performance though, these are the cheapest of budget cards.  If you want another view, you can look at my comparison between TurboCache and ATI’s HyperMemory technology posted today as well. 
When I first was looking to take the socket 939 plunge the first thing I noticed was the need for a new video card. Gone were the good old days where I could keep my trusty old nVidia gForce 200mx from one computer to the next. For weeks I lamented over the price I was going to have to pay it seemed that the only decent option for PCI-Express graphics was the 6600GT and its $200 price point. Had I know the performance that the 6200 Turbo Cache offers and the price (under $90) I would have gotten my Athlon 64 much sooner than I did.