I saw this thread in our forums this morning and tried to dig up some more info on it, but came up empty thus far.  Albatron has apparently released something called the “ATOP” that allows current AGP video card users to upgrade to a PCIe motherboard without buying a new video card.  Based on the photo I see on the Albatron website, this is not giong to be a universal option for AGP cards at all.  The AGP video card that is shown is very specific in that it has a very low profile PCB and only a partial connection interface, allowing the “ATOP” to use the remaining space.

2005/5/16 — New bridge card allows user to use AGP-8x card in a PCI-Express Mainboard
Innovation Alert! Albatron’s “ATOP” breathes new life into AGP-8x VGA cards

Albatron Release AGP to PCI Express Adaptor? - Graphics Cards 2 Albatron Technology, a leading IT solutions provider, recently announced the world’s first AGP-8x to PCI-Express bridge card. The “ATOP”(AGP-To-PCIe) bridge card will allow a user to use their existing AGP-8x VGA card in a mainboard designed for PCI-Express resulting in considerable savings in upgrade expenditures.
Because the AGP 8x standard has been around for a while and continues to provide more than adequate graphics performance, there still exists a large base of users with very capable AGP 8x VGA cards. Until now consumers have been hesitant to upgrade to a mainboard with the PCI-Express standard because it would also mean having to purchase a new PCIe VGA card. With the ATOP card you can now upgrade to a PCI-Express mainboard, continue to use your existing AGP-8x card and worry about purchasing a new PCI-Express VGA card at a later time.
Your AGP-8x card simply piggybacks on the ATOP card’s AGP-8x slot located on the top edge. The ATOP card is then plugged into the mainboard’s PCI-Express slot. The only other installation requirements are replacing the bracket on the AGP-8x card with an ATOP bracket and installing the appropriate driver.
The ATOP bridge is the perfect solution for cost conscious users caught in the middle of the PCI-Express, AGP-8x transition. With the ATOP, you can have the best of both worlds in addition to reducing expenditures and extending the life of your original investments.