This is true according to a report on Digitimes that bases their information on some motherboard vendors information.  The most interesting part listed though is that it says the Opteron 152 will be the last 940-pin Opteron 1xx CPU, and all future one will have 939 pins.  This could turn out to be very interesting if it’s true, though I don’t see much point in it.  The Opteron processors have usually been a step behind the fastest FX processor in terms of clock speed, and I would assume the upcoming Athlon 64 X2 processors would run at the same speeds of any dual core Opterons out.  If that’s the case, the advantage Opteron’s will offer over dual core Athlon 64s is a mystery — perhaps cache only?

AMD’s move is aimed to promote dual-core Opteron processors in the entry-level server and workstation segments, the makers commented. The new 100 series Opterons will allow vendors to offer lower cost Opteron systems, as Socket 939 motherboards widely support unbuffered DIMMs instead of registered DIMMs, the makers indicated.

In addition, most Socket 939 motherboards are built using four-layer PCB (printed circuit board) design instead of six layers, reducing the cost of the motherboard by about US$5, the makers added.