Today you may have noticed some AMD Athlon 64 X2 reviews on the web, like this one here at HardOCP.  You may also have noticed while looking at the front page of PC Perspective, that we do NOT have a review/preview online.  Not only do I not have a review online, but I also never got any processors from AMD.  AMD seems to have turned their backs on me and PC Perspective and my readers.  The reasoning for this is still up in the air, but running AMDMB.COM and AMDFORUMS.COM for over four years I had all the support you could ask from AMD.  I was the heaviest trafficed AMD-centric site on the Internet.  None of that seems to matter to AMD anymore, even with increased support from their partners such as NVIDIA, VIA, Asus, Abit and more.  Hell, even Intel is working with me on all facets of their products.  If you want more info, feel free to email me on it.

Suffice it to say, it is a bitter morning for me.  Even with good news on the house build.

AMD X2 Review?? - Editorial 3

Not much has changed from the outside, but there is no a garage door installed and decorative moulding installed around the frame of the house.  The bricks for the house are sitting around on palletes in the front “lawn”.

AMD X2 Review?? - Editorial 4

But a lot has been done inside the house.  The walls are finished being drywalled, they have been painted and doors have been hung.  Cabinets are installed as are some of the counter tops.  Appliances are either installed or in the garage.  Hardwood and vinyl floors have been installed and you can see the rails through our arch window in the background too.