Hexus seems to be ready to “exclusively reveal details about ATi’s dual-card technology” for SLI-type, multi-GPU solution.  From the information here, it looks like anyone with a current ATI PCI Express graphics card will be able to use it in a dual card configuration as long as you update to a card capable of handling the “master GPU” position, presumably the R520 and up. 
Nothing kinky here folks, the ‘Master/Slave’ reference tells you which card is in control of assembling the final image in its frame buffer. Just like NVIDIA SLi, the ATi MVP solution will require a compatible mainboard (first seen by HEXUS on the ASUSTeK booth at this years CeBIT exhibition) and so it will be interesting to see which core-logic technology ATi will be supporting with its MVP.

Having developed military solutions based on up to 32 cards in the past, it appears that ATi has decided on a ’tile’ based rendering approach as the default technology and perhaps the judgement was that this method offers the most ideal balance of speed and image quality (minimum size 32 pixels square). However it’s more than likely that the ATi MVP solution will be flexible to offer other rendering modes like AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering) as well.