Chris Angelini has written up a review of the BFG 6800 Ultra 512 MB card for Firingsquad today.  If you feel a need to spend $1000+ on a graphics card, you’re in luck!  😉
This is a tough one to call, and it took collaboration between a couple of FS staffers to determine if spending one grand on a graphics card represents the epitome of hardcore or the depths of foolishness. In the end, we fell right about in the middle. Although it seems that adding another 256MB doesn’t do much for performance in a vast majority of situations, today’s games don’t necessarily exploit all that is available. Beyond the application side, there’s a good chance NVIDIA’s driver situation isn’t completely optimal, either. Due to instability with the official drivers from NVIDIA’s site, we were compelled to look elsewhere. Our problems were confirmed by QA and an NVIDIA representative commented to the effect that our beta drivers were indeed the best possible solution for now.