Mountain Mods U2-UFO Brushed Aluminum Case is not like too many other cases out there.  It is a basic box that is just beggin to be modded and tricked out.  Plus, as SystemCooling shows in it’s review, adding any type of cooling system to it is almost ridiculously easy.
“For the computer enthusiast and modder there never seems to be enough room inside your computer case. With all the lights, fans and water cooling, you’re lucky to find a place just for your basic components let alone anything extra. Mountain Mods has a solution to that problem and what’s even better, it looks great and it’s light. Mountain Mods has been in the computer case business for almost 2 years, making high end custom cases and special made to order cases as well. Today we’re going to be looking at their U2-UFO brushed aluminum case to see just what the case has to offer the modder and enthusiast alike.”

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