Digitimes is reporting that NVIDIA is readying its C51 chipset to enter the mainstream segment of the K8 market, both S939 and S754.  Apparently there are going to be two versions of the chip that will have two different graphics cores.  The report also says that NVIDIA may be lowering prices on their SLI chipsets.  If the prices Digitimes claims ATI is going to release their chips for are true, NVIDIA may be in a lot of trouble!

In addition, Nvidia plans to reduce the prices on its current line of SLI chipsets, with the FOB (free on board) price of SLI-based motherboards expected to fall from US$110-120 at present to US$90, the motherboard makers expect.

In the third quarter, rival ATI Technologies is also expected to launch its RS482 and RC410 chipsets, which offer the company’s Multi-Rendering technology for dual graphics card support, with the chips priced at below US$30.