Its an oddly slow news day from a hardware review perspective.  Maybe everyone is recovering from all the Xbox 360 crap that went on last week?  In any event, until something crosses my wire, I only have an update on finding some Venice core Athlon 64 processors for sale in our Pricegrabber engine.

There are also a couple of San Diego core processors for sale.  These are the same revision as the Venice core, but with 1 MB of L2 cache instead.

I actually have a 3500+ Venice sitting in its case on my desk, waiting for a bench to open up for some overclocking fun!  😉  If you haven’t looked at the PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard recently you may have missed that I have included Venice core processors now in both the mid and budget level systems.

There are still no listings for either any Intel Pentium D or Pentium XE dual core processors, nor is there any listing for Athlon 64 X2 processors yet either.