Sure, the product won’t be available until sometime in November, and yes, the 30 minutes special on MTV last night just sucked, but there is still a lot of good information circulating on the new Xbox console this morning. 

My personal favorite so far is this article titled Xbox 360 Dissected that attempts to look at the Xbox from a hardware perspective.  They go into some rumor mill detail on the processor and GPU (from ATI) and go over some of the new features and technology used in it.  HardOCP has their own Xbox 360 Sneak Peek online that gives a good summary of the exterior, features, hardware and online capabilities of the system.

Of course the official Xbox 360 website went live today too at  Not a lot to it yet but very detailed images of the system and controller.  The Fact Sheet has some good info too though. has the best overall coverage I have seen yet!  They have quick system specs, an article that looks at the development of the system in Pulling Back the Curtain and an Xbox live information and features page too!

Finally, Fileshack is hosting a good movie from on the Xbox 360.

It’s all good reading, so take a look and see what the future Xbox is going to hold for console gaming!