I just finished posting my Computex 2005 coverage from the driver’s seat of a car headed towards Columbus, Ohio.  Man, you have to love wireless data services.  😉  In any event, you should give the article a read over and you might some interesting things being shown.  My personal favorite is the Gigabyte iRAM which uses standard DDR memory to make a solid state storage device that is much faster than other storage options.  There are some drawback of course, but we’ll learn more about it very soon.
Here is the device in action: it has four DIMM slots for DDR memory, a PCI bus interface, a SATA interface and a batter on board that will apparently last for 16 hours before losing all the data on the card.  (Better plug it back in, quick!)  It uses the PCI bus for power, not for communications as the SATA bus is the part that moves data back and forth between the system and iRAM.