Since May 27th I have not been in my town or residence for more than 18 hours at a time.  And that has only been twice since the 27th.  Right now, after returning from a trip to SFO, I am getting ready to head out once again to take care of some family obligations for birthdays and graduations yet again.  It is really becoming a drain trying to do all the work I usually do at home on a notebook computer, without easy access to all the references and information I need.  And it doesn’t show any signs of letting up really as some important launches are coming up this month and my house is finished (closing on Tuesday) thereby necessitating that I organize a move of some kind!  Sheesh!  🙂

Here’s how everything looked last Tuesday at my walk through:

Constant Travelling - Editorial 2

Straw in the yard, landscaping, though minimal, is in and all the exterior painting is done, etc etc.  Not too shabby for the time frame they completed it in.  While I am eager to leave Lexington and move into my own home, I am definitely not looking forward to the work and hassle inolved with the move, but there is no getting around it.

Well, I am sure you’ll find me on here again soon with some other issues being driven through me, so check back soon!  🙂