The folks over at Elite Bastards have a little something to say about the new F.E.A.R. Multi-Player demo that was released recently. But really, if it was made by Monolith, it must be good 😉

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The guys at Monolith have found a new way to approach the traditional first person shooter genre. They seem to have found that, even if the game is futuristic, it doesn’t have to incorporate jumping pads and triplelauncher bazookas, and that even if the weapons are futuristic, there’s no reason they couldn’t feel every bit as immersive as they do in Counterstrike: Source. I think that feel is what defines this game – It’s like a mix between Unreal Tournament and Counterstrike:Source. Weapons like shotguns, sub-machineguns, bazookas and ray guns are semi-futuristic, yet effective. Players can take only little more damage than they would in a title such as Counterstrike. Most importantly, the weapons feel like they actually deliver some damage, they feel like they’re physically there. They feel like weapons in original Doom and CS:S and not like those in Nerf Arena Blast.