Overclocking and Test Setup


Overclocking on the Gigabyte 8I955X motherboard was no different than we have seen on many other motherboards based on the 925X and 925XE chipset, as we would expect.  The chipsets are so similar that even their heat and performance stretches should be on similar levels. 

Overclocking with a dual core Intel processor was something very new to us here and as such we are holding off judging the Gigabyte board on how it overclocked our Intel Extreme Edition 840 processor until we have more motherboards to compare it to, but we did test the overclocking ability on it with the 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 520 processor and we got some good results.

I was able to push the Gigabyte 8I955X motherboard to a FSB of 269 MHz on a 14x multiplier for a total overclocked frequency of 3.76 GHz.  That falls just under some of our best overclocking motherboards such as the Asus 925XE board.

Test Setup

As I mentioned on the first page of the review, we are going to compare the Gigabyte 955X board only to the Intel 955X reference platform.  We have a comprehensive comparison of the 955X chipset against the 925XE and AMD platforms as well in our initial Intel dual core processor review.

The test setups included the Intel Extreme Edition 840 processor running with HyperThreading enabled for a total of four logical cores running in our tests.  We did not bother publishing our comprehensive multitasking tests on the Gigabyte board as we found them to be right on track with the reference platform.

Here is the test setup for the benchmarks to follow:

 Intel 955X Test System Setup


Intel Extreme Edition 840 @ 3.2 GHz


Intel 955X Reference

Power Supply 

Antec 480 watt


2x512MB Corsair Micro DDR2-667 @ 4-4-4-14

Hard Drive

250 GB Maxtor 7200 RPM SATA

Sound Card

Creative Labs Live!

Video Card


Video Drivers

ATI Catalyst 4.11

DirectX Version

DX 9.0c

Operating System

Windows XP w/ Service Pack 1

The benchmarks used were:

  • SiSoft Sandra 2004 SP1
  • AIDA32
  • Cachemem
  • Quake III: Arena
  • Unreal Tournament 2003
  • X2: The Threat
  • 3D Mark 2001: SE v330
  • 3DMark03
  • Far Cry 1.1
  • Doom 3
  • PCMark04
  • Business Winstone 2004
  • Content Creation Winstone 2004
  • LAME MP3 Encoding
  • XMPEG / DivX Encoding
  • WinRAR Compression
  • CineBench 2003
  • ScienceMark 2.0 Beta
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