I already knew that June was going to be a busy month for me, with a final walk through on my new house tomorrow and a closing on the 14th.  Plus we are planning on moving in by the end of June if at all possible.  Other than that, we have birthdays, graduations, outtings and other friend and family obligations that are right in the middle of of everything as well.  Did I mention we are going to have a lot of products being announced or briefed this month as well?  Both NVIDIA and ATI are going to be touting their next gen GPUs over the next 60 days, so stay tuned for all that. 

After the “trip from hell” that was traveling between Taiwan and Cincinnati, I think I have finally recovered from the stress involved.  Though I did find my camera at the LAX airport in the luggage lost and found (thank you!) I ended up losing my cell phone in a cab in Taipei…so if any of my contacts get a strange phone call from Taiwan in the middle of the night, er sorry.  😉

I am traveling up to Columbus right now for a graduation event and am posting this using wireless data connections on my notebook using my cell phone as a modem.  Pretty impressive, at least to me.  Gotta run, I’ll have more updates soon!