Well, it is day one in the new house, and after a whole day of unpacking and settling and water the grass and answering calls, I can say that…it looks like I have nothing done.  The garage is still full of boxes, the rooms seem empty, my office is in parts all across the multiple test tables and I am sitting here wondering what to do next.  I think that is going to be sleep, unfortunately. 

It took me two trips with a 15′ rental truck to make it with all my goods and I didn’t bring the second load in to the garage until after midnight last night.  I spent all day today unpacking and attempting to organize my office so that I can get back on schedule with reviews and testing, but looking behind me, its absolutely awful.  Heh, another full day to go at least. 

I’m off to continue unpacking in the bedroom so that I can find some bed sheets and go to sleep!  🙂