Extreme Cooling Technologies new Mach II GT might sound like a razor, but it is the coolest thing in phase change technology.  It will let COC run an A64 3500 at a stable 2991Mhz, and do it with an average core temp of -18C!  It’s not cheap though, the MSRP is $949.  If that’s a little too rich, a review of Titan’s economically priced Bianca is just below.
“A few years back there was a company that wanted a piece of the Vapochill pie, and they not only managed to better the Vapochill but did it well. Unfortunately they managed to spend so much on their phase change units that they vanished right after releasing the predecessor to the Mach I, the Mach II, and shortly after the GT. If you’ve been following our review on the Vapochill, then we’re hoping you have some idea of what its like to cool your processor to well below ambient temperatures, where the realm of overclocking is no longer limited by cooling ability. There is nothing that will point out the weak points in your system quicker than buying a phase change unit, but nothing is as fun either. Extreme Cooling Technologies represents a new company, and they picked up the Mach II GT and renovated it with a few new tricks to give the Vapochill a real run for its money.”

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