OpenGL Gaming – Doom3, Warhammer 40K

Here we run the ASRock K8 Upgrade 760GX with some well-known OpenGL games. Though OpenGL isn’t as marketable as DirectX these days, there are some very good games that run OpenGL out there.

ASRock K8 Upgrade 760GX Motherboard Review - Motherboards 33
1024×768 @ High Details. No AA or AF.

The venerable Doom 3 benchmark shows the ASRock K8 Upgrade 760GX beating out the other 760GX by a small margin. The VIA K8T800 Pro comes out on top thanks to a strong chipset and a good video card. The NF4 running a X700 Pro comes close to matching the 9800XT, but alas can’t top the old top-end card.

ASRock K8 Upgrade 760GX Motherboard Review - Motherboards 34
1280×1024, Medium details and effects. Unit Occlusion ON.

With the release of the Winter Assault expansion, you can pretty much guarantee a lot of people will continue to play this great RTS. The results here show that none of the systems perform terribly on average, though the minimum framerate may cause some of you to be worried. This game has always performed sluggish during big battles in bases where there are a lot of effects and moving units. Now can someone please tell Relic to make a sequel featuring Genestealers and Tyranids?

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