Cooler Master has again combined brute size with innovative engineering to produce a HSF that can deliver good performance with minimal noise.  The copper base, six heat pipes and large fin surface area excel at transferring heat and keeping the CPU cool.  The Hyper 6+ fit and finish is excellent as we have come to expect from Cooler Master.  The addition of blue LED’s to the clear fan frame is also a nice aesthetic touch.


My main criticism of the original Hyper 6 HSF was the noisy fan Cooler Master bundled with the cooler.  And this time around with the new Hyper 6+ I am again critical of the included fan.  While certainly quieter than the variable speed 80mm fan supplied with the original Hyper 6, the new 100mm fan is still relatively noisy for its size/speed and limits the range of performance.  The odd size will make it difficult for most users to replace the fan with one more suitable to their needs or liking.


Size and weight were also a concern with the original Hyper 6 cooler.  The new Hyper 6+ is even bigger but weighs slightly less.  Because of the relatively large size (height) it may not fit into some smaller cases.  For desktop platforms the weight should not be an issue but for the majority of mid-tower case owners that have the Hyper 6+ cantilevered out into space, their may be cause for concern, especially if you have to move your computer around a lot.


Overall, the Cooler Master Hyper 6+ is still a good HSF (it’s just a shame the quality of the bundled fan does not match that of the cooler).  The Hyper 6+ is currently available with a street price of $49.99 USD.  I would like to thank Cooler Master for sending us the Hyper 6+ to review.

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