HardOCP has posted a review of the ECS KN1 Extreme board based on the nForce4 Ultra chipset for the AMD platform.  We are working on a board review of this solution as well.
Let’s preface this by saying that this is the first ECS motherboard review we have ever completed. In the past, we have tried to review ECS’ boards but they have failed so miserably in our testing that we did not see the reason to spend the resources to complete a review on them. That was, however, several years ago. In the past, ECS has simply not been up to snuff when it comes to the North American enthusiast market. When they started beating on our door again to get their motherboards reviewed, we had our reservations, but decided to give them enough rope to hang themselves. Much to our surprise, ECS has submitted a motherboard that blew away our expectations of their product — keeping in mind that our expectations were low to begin with.