RAM coolers, HDD coolers and fans with filtres nay not be in everyones PC, but the chances are good that if you have them, you’ve at least considered Evercool products.  If you want your HDD floating in the breeze of a 120mm fan, then head over to 3DXtreme to read the full review.
“Evercool may not be one of the names that immediately comes to mind when you think of cooling products, but they are actually one of the top five cooling manufacturers in Taiwan. Evercool has been around for about 13 years now, and has been supplying top PC companies like HP, FIC and others for many years. Their company goal is to provide innovative designs and high quality products at competitive costs. Recently, Evercool announced its new EL bearing technology. The EL bearing is supposed to provide longer life and quieter operation, all at a reduced cost compared to ceramic and other types of bearings. Today 3DXtreme has a chance to look at four of Evercool’s newest products that feature the EL bearing. These are the Neon Crab RAM cooler, the HDD System Cooler Lander, the Spider Filter Fan”

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