You may not thing of your PC Case when someone mentions Gigabyte, but you may keep them in mind after reading the review at Bjorn3D.  3 120mm fans keep the case cool and quiet, and it has enough room to easily fit a watercooling rig, if that is your preference.  The installation of components is completely tooless, and it has blue LED projector so you can show off a logo if you wish.
“Lately, it seems like I have been changing my computer cases almost as often as I have been changing my oil. In two years, I have already reviewed four cases, and this is now my fifth. Don’t take that the wrong way though, as I love getting in a new case to critique. Gigabyte, well known for their motherboards and videocards, has just started to offer PC enclosures and their first endeavor into this realm is the 3D Aurora. Crafted of aluminum and featuring some great case cooling, the 3D Aurora is exactly what you would expect to see from a reputable company such as Gigabyte. Read on to see all of the details.”

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