The Tuniq tower is monstrous, it weighs in at 798g, and is 131mm (W) x 108mm (H) x 153mm (D), so you may want to take measurements before you run out and buy one.  All that heatsink does serve a purpose though, so head over to Big Bruin to see how well it cools … and what it looks like installed.
“The overall size no doubt plays a significant role in the Tuniq Tower’s performance, but I think it may actually be too big. It overhangs the CPU socket on all sides, and there are a number of things that could interfere with this beast. On the test system, it only had a problem with the chipset cooler, but that is problem enough. I can foresee issues on other boards where it may be too close to the memory, power supply, chipset, OTES type cooling, or maybe even the video card.”

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