The Cool Scraper SX1 is a CPU cooler than speaks softly, and is like a big stick, being the better part of 6″ tall (15cm).  Read the review at Xtreme Resources to see how it performs.

“Summer usually brings many kinds of pleasures, but it also brings something really unpleasant for computer enthusiasts; heat. Therefore, due to the suddenly rising temperatures, especially in warmer countries, system cooling becomes inadequate and thermally controlled silent coolers become noisy since they spin faster due to the heat. Of course there are those that would like to improve their cooling, for peace of mind. There is a product specifically designed to cover as many of these cases as possible; the Cool Scraper SX1. Made in Germany by Noiseblocker, it is designed to keep the lowest possible temperatures while maintaining the lowest possible noise levels during the hot months of the year.”

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