Gigabyte seems to produce everything nowadays, and is doing a good job of it to boot.  Next on their list is CPU heatsinks, like the G-Power Cooler Pro that is reviewed at ExtensionTech, that will keep your chips cool and good looking.  Also included are 2 news releases from Muskin, and some dust proof fans. 
“Gigabyte, a name you’d come to think of as a motherboard company, has been diversifying themselves over the last few years. Video cards, wireless networking, laptops, even HSF’s, and there are many more things that I didn’t mention. We’ll take a closer look at one of their HSF’s, the G-Power Pro cooler. Sporting support for pretty much any mainstream system board out now, it sure could be a great HSF now, and it’ll probably handle your next mainboard upgrade as well later. If that sounds remotely enticing, continue on for the review…”

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