This is just a post to point you all to my quickie coverage of the recent ECS Editor’s Day that I posted in my blog yesterday. 

Their other, even more daring offering, is something called Scalable Dual Graphics Engine.  SDGE is an attempt to make dual GPUs a more affordable and more open platform.  Theoretically, you can buy a motherboard based on any chipset that comes with two x16 PCIe slots, one of which has no PCIe actually going to it.  Then with the purchase of an SDGE card, that includes an NVIDIA HyperTransport chip like the nForce Pro 2200, you can add another full x16 PCIe slot to the board.  It sounds rather interesting, though it looks kind of gimmicky right now.  This technology is only in development stage and really will only have life if both ATI and NVIDIA open up their drivers on SLI and CrossFire support.