More info from IDF for you at the Inquirer; it looks like Intel’s much touted HyperThreading technology is NOT going to be implemented into their next generation core technology.  What?  You mean HT isn’t all it was cracked up to be???
THERE WAS ONE THING that did not make the cut for the Merom cores, and for some reason Intel isn’t shouting about it. During the morning keynote, when they were showing Merom, there were two CPU graphs in Windows Task Manager and when they went to Conroe, there were also two. On the 2S Woodcrest systems, there were four. Doing the math, two cores, two threads. Four cores, four threads.

Wonder where HT went? It is in la-la land according to a couple of people, deemed not necessary anymore. When you have two 2.16GHz A-0 silicon Woodcrests chugging along, why do you need it again? The short answer is that you don’t.