VIA has announced the first chipset for the new mobile VIA C7-M processor.
VIA today announced the VIA VN800, the first chipset solution for the VIA C7-M™ processor with DDR2 memory support for fast and efficient system memory access and hardware MPEG-2 decoding for flawless DVD playback.

The VIA VN800 features the S3 Graphics UniChrome™ Pro Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP), providing outstanding dual pipeline graphics performance through a 128-bit 2D/3D engine and shared DDR memory support for all the latest applications, while the Chromotion CE Video Display Engine blends hardware-based MPEG-2 decoding acceleration with advanced rendering tools such as Adaptive De-interlacing and Video Deblocking to ensure the clearest playback of digital media content. Furthermore, the V VVvIA VN800 includes support for an external AGP The Accelerated Graphics Port is a dedicated bus for graphics cards that enables high performance 3D graphics capabilities on PCs. AGP bypasses the PCI bus and directly pipelines between the main memory and graphics controller. 8X port allowing optional graphics processor upgrades on supporting notebooks.