Your Graphic card’s GPU and RAM are probably the 2 hottest components in your case.  While it is common to have a fast main processor running at 35-45 C, the GPU is often nearly twice that temperature.  Treat the poor card to a Zalman VF700-Cu, not only will the card be cooler, but the fan has a silent setting too.  Read the full story at Xtreme Resources

“Is your video card o­ne of those that is getting very hot and eventually raises the temperature of your entire system? Or perhaps the stock cooler that came with it is very noisy? Many people have o­ne or even both of these problems and the CNPS7700-Cu for their video card might be the perfect solution for either situation. Zalman has been addressing these problems and recently presented the VF700-Cu, a mini-CNPS7700-Cu for video cards. Featuring a very similar design that made the CNPS7700-Cu very popular and very effective, we shall see if it does the same o­n VGA cards. Since I was provided of a VF700-Cu, let us see if the miracle worked!”

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