16Mb cache and 500 Gb in size, the Hitachi Deskstar T7K500 Hard Drive reviewed by Xtreme Resources is one fast drive, that you’ll take a while filling up.
“The capacity of hard disk drives grows daily, along with their speed. I still remember the first hard disk drives in the systems I first saw, drives that their capacity was merely 1/10th of the RS-MMC I hold right now, which is smaller than my fingertip. The first hard disk drives I worked with were approximately 500MB drives, ironically exactly 1000 times smaller than the drive I currently hold for review today; the Hitachi T7K500, with the massive 500GB capacity. Featuring most of the best desktop hard disk drive technology has to offer, like SATA-II and NCQ support, and a massive capacity, it is here to make a splash in the high end hard disk drive market.”

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