Just because you can’t afford to switch to a BTX mobo with PCIe, and all the other changes required to get to the current generation of hardware, doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through HalfLife2 at 9.5 FPS.   HIS has released an mid level AGP ATI X700 ATI card, and XYZ Computing has the review.

Oh and if you have upgraded to PCIe, I think ATI might have released something today.

“This review is going to take a look at the X700 IceQ video card from HIS. If you built a system a not long ago (probably more than 12 months), there is a good chance that your video card is not aging very gracefully. There are a lot of reasons to consider a card like the X700 IceQ, but a main one is that cards like the ATI Radeon 9600 are having a lot of trouble with this generation’s games and they are in need replacement. If you want to do this without breaking the bank you are going to need a solid, mid-level AGP card in order to get the most out of a game like Half Life 2. This way your socket A, 478, or 754 computer can stay intact and you can cure your gaming woes.”

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