Introduction and Specifications

Asus’s latest video card is based on the GeForce 7800 GTX chip and returns to a two-slot cooling design in order to offer enthusiasts a higher degree of freedom in overclocking. Did they succeed?


The NVIDIA 7800 GTX GPU has been out for nearly two months now and is still unrivaled at the top of the graphics market.  Since then we have seen the 7800 GT released from NVIDIA as well, lower the entry price of the new GeForce 7 series.  ATI has yet to bring out their CrossFire or R520 products and because of this NVIDIA and their partners have a BIG advantage.  The 7800 GTX and GT parts have been selling quite well according to NVIDIA’s partners and with prices still coming down on them every day I would expect their popularity to continue.

What we haven’t really seen yet is a unique design from any partner based on any 7800 GPUs.  The Asus GeForce 7800 GTX TOP attempts to address just that issue by being among the first to modify the reference cooling design in an attempt to really push the overclockign potential of the 7800 GTX core.

Specifications (from

Graphics Engine
GeForce™ 7800 GTX
Video Memory
256 MB DDR3 —1.6
Engine Clock
486 MHz
Memory Clock
1.35 GHz (675 MHz DDR3)
Bus Standard
Memory Interface
Max Resolution
VGA Output
With DVI-VGA adaptors
TV Output
Video-in & Video-out (VIVO) with HDTV-out support
DVI Output
Dual DVI-I
2nd VGA Output
Adaptor/Cable bundled
VIVO cable, DVI adaptors, power cord
Software Bundled
Project Snow Blind
Xpand Rally
Second Sight
Power Drome
Chaos League
Media & Show
Power Director 3
ASUS Driver & Utilities
Leather CD case

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