Final Thoughts


The performance of the Asus N7800GTX TOP is simply astounding.  By overclocking the core and memory frequency as they did, out the box, the Asus N7800GTX TOP may be the fastest video card you can buy!  The NVIDIA 7800 GTX GPU was already the fastest GPU on the market, and with partners like Asus pushing the limits all the time, it looks like ATI may have a difficult time catching up next month with the R520 product around the corner.


This is another area where the Asus N7800GTX TOP really shines.  Though we do have to knock the return to a dual slot cooling solution with this model from Asus, the results seem to be well worth the small disadvantage that comes with this cooler.  We were able to push the card well past the 486/1.35 speeds all the way up to 511/1.42, the highest we have seen from any vendors 7800 GTX card yet. 

Asus N7800GTX TOP Video Card Review - Graphics Cards 43

If you are comfortable with a dual slot cooler on your video card then you really will want to look to this video card if you also want to tweak your system to its fastest.

Availability and Pricing

So far we are only seeing a single online vendor stocking the Asus N7800GTX TOP, ZipZoomFly has it for $569.  How does that fare against other high end 7800 GTX cards?  The competition we showed you in our benchmarks is currently selling for about $499 shelving the Asus TOP model with a $70 premium.  Hopefully we will soon see more e-tailers stocking this card and thereby driving down the price closer to what XFX and EVGA are selling their top models for.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the Asus N7800GTX TOP is the fastest stock video card on the planet.  Taking the best from NVIDIA in the form of the 7800 GTX GPU, upgrading the cooling solution with the help of Arctic Cooling, Asus combines them into a stellar product that offers top performance out of the box and room to grow with easy overclocking.  If we could get some more stock on the card and lower the price a bit to compete with the XFX and EVGA cards with similar clock speeds, the Asus N7800GTX TOP could really be a dominate component choice for enthusiasts.  And it may just do so anyway.

Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best prices on the Asus 7800 GTX TOP (486/1.35) and anything else you may want to buy!

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