Miss one Monday, and a dozen new reviews come out.   First up today we have the MGE Titanium at Think Computers, a case that seems to incorporate every new innovation in case design from the past year into one case.  It is roomy, it still has enough space for a watercooling setup, and all that, and a price tag around the $100 mark.  If that’s not the case you’re looking for, there are almost 20 other reviews to choose from!

‘Pre-mod computer cases, it seems everyone that is making computer components is getting into making cases also. I have noticed that companies that were known for one thing, like motherboards, are now making computer cases. I guess it is the next logical step, but what happens when you get companies that try and make everything? Well, you don’t get a quality focused product from what I have seen; yes there are some exceptions to that, as with anything there will be some exceptions. Not long ago I reviewed a power supply from MGE/Xgbox called the Magnum, very nice power supply, today I have the opportunity to review another item from MGE/Xgbox courtesy of Geeks.com called the Titanium. It is what MGE/Xgbox calls a ‘high end full tower outfitted for the most demanding of computer tasks.’ I, being a modder used to not like pre-mods, but then when the first pre-mods came out they were kind of ‘cheesy’ and cheap looking, and some still are! As time passed though I have come to realize that not all pre-mods are bad, and some are actually worth putting in plain sight for everyone to see and say ‘wow’.’

Here are some more Cases & Cooling reviews from around the web:

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