What’s this?  A Gateway review at HardOCP?  That’s right, they are evaluating the new Gateway system that packs a dual core Pentium D and a 6800 Ultra. 
I carry much more disdain for the mouse. Not only is it uncomfortable and not very functional, but it’s also actually difficult to operate. It sounds ridiculous, but the effort required to push down the buttons is beyond what should be asked of someone. Besides the monitor, the consumer interfaces with the mouse more than any other item on the computer. The fact that more research and thought was not put into a better mouse is disconcerting. I even had friends and neighbors sit down and give the computer a look seeing if they’d notice. Sure enough, every one of them said, “Gosh, what’s up with this mouse?” One plus about the keyboard and mouse is that they came with their own batteries and an instruction sheet.