The Intel 945 chipset is taking it’s time hitting the store, but Techniz got their hands on an offering from Gigabyte that uses it.  See how well it performs with a Prescott, DDR2 and SATA2.
“The GA-8I945P Pro was featuring the new Intel® 945P Express chipset with Hyper-Threading Technology delivers significant performance gains with variety of new generation architectures including the DDR2 main memory, PCI-Express interface, and Serial-ATA 2 interface for improving storage performance. The motherboard itself has a lot of built in features such as Gigabit LAN, RAID, and 7.1 channel sound. Besides that, it comes with a good bundle of software. In terms of performance, this motherboard did a great job as you can see on the performance benchmarking and testing section. Anyway, the GA-8I945P Pro is a very good motherboard for the Intel LGA 775 platform in terms of the performance and overclocking.”

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