SystemCooling reviews the ThermalRight SI 120, a much more compatible version of the XP 120, with almost no performance difference.  If you want your A64 to run at under 40C, but couldn’t fit the XP 120 into your PC, then this may be the cooler for you.
“The new Thermalright SI-120 heatsink is a redesigned XP-120 that offers greater motherboard compatibility while still accommodating a 120mm fan of your choice. In fact, Thermalright claims the SI-120 will fit all known Intel P4 and AMD K8 motherboards (at least they haven’t found one yet it didn’t fit). The SI-120 incorporates five heat pipes to transfer heat out of the copper base into a large array of aluminum fins (just like the original XP-120). The universal mount works with both Intel P4 (socket 478) and AMD K8 (socket 754/939/740) platforms. An optional socket LGA-775 retention frame is also promised.”

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