If you’ve never heard of Wintsch, they are a company making waterblocks with thermoelectric cooling built in.  I’m not sure if you are comfortable running something that makes ice in your box, but as Pimprig found in their tests, it can give you a bit of room for overclocking … “ Either way, my unloaded temperatures were -31C, and fully loaded the temperature never exceeded -17C which is a realistic result in differential, and given my lower ambient temperature. ” 
“Wintsch Labs is certainly not the first company to produce and market water-cooled TEC products. Companies like Swiftech and Danger Den both offer current solutions. Where Wintsch Labs differs from these others is the degree of solution that they are offering. Let me be clear; the Wintsch Lab’s Arctic Web, which is on my test bench today, is the most extreme design offered in TEC cooling to date. I have referred to it as a monster, and it is certainly every bit the title and more.”

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