With the size of components shrinking, the size of the cooling seems apparatus to grow.  With the norm quickly becoming huge heatsinks, 120mm fans, oversized videocards, or a radiator and waterpump, the size of your case can become an issue.   Gamepyre reviews the Lian Li PC76, a huge case, 24.79′(D) x 10.43′(W) x 22′(H), that should fit just about anyhing you want in it.
“After our exhaustive tour-de-force, there’s one thing we’ve got to say about this case — it’s big, really big — you won’t believe just how vastly hugely mind bogglingly big it really is — a statement backed up by the fact that this case even dwarfs Cooler Master’s epic Stacker. With so much room inside, the possibilities to this case are endless, and considering the flawless build quality and top notch engineering, you’ll have no trouble at all fitting everything in there. ”

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