Check out the IGrid2005 blog at , and see the future of distributed computing! 
 iGrid 2005, the 4th community-driven biennial International Grid event, is a coordinated effort to accelerate the use of multi-10Gb international and national networks, to advance scientific research, and to educate decision makers, academicians and industry researchers on the benefits of these hybrid networks. This year, iGrid showcases more than four-dozen real-time application demonstrations from 20 countries, as well as a symposium with 25 lectures, panels and master classes on the applications, middleware, and underlying cyberinfrastructure.

There is a lot of mindblowing work on display here, much of particular interest to scientists, gov/mil, and entertainment industry. Demos so far have included:

* Distribution of mass cosmic data ray data from Tibet
* super-hi-def transglobal telepresence demos
* Real-time transatlantic dead cat xray analysis!
* High-definition streaming video from volcanoes on the Pacific ocean floor.
* A 55-panel tiled display showing extremely hi-res zoomable satellite images of New Orleans, post-Katrina.