Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in history.  Chances are even if you didn’t remember it on your own you were reminded by the shows on TV and the flags at half mast.  I ran into a suprisingly high amount of people over this weekend that seemed completely oblivious to what importance this date had for us. 

Though I don’t want to get into a political rant here, but I can remember on the first anniversary of 9/11/01 how the country had changed in the course of one year.  In the months after 9/11 everyone was involved in politics and patriotism and no one debated the need to rid the world of terrorism at any cost.  In 2002, we were already dealing with partisan fighting on funding the war on terror and whether or not we were going to catch anyone, was it worth it…blah blah you get it.  Now three years after that, it has only gotten worse. 

Can you imagine something like this happening in the US during WWII?  Two years into the war the US public suddenly forgets/forgives the attack on Pearl Harbor?  Wouldn’t have happened.  But it is happening now, and that makes me nearly as sad as the events of 9/11 themselves.