Techware Labs reviews the Anthology Solutions’ Yellow Machine P400T Terabyte Storage Appliance.  Not only is it big and yellow, it supports RAID 0,1,1+0 & 5.  It has a built in 8 port LAN switch and NAT router, SPI firewall, auto backup, and many more features.  The 8Mb cache is pretty impressive too!
“This review will be taking a look at Anthology Solutions’ Yellow Machine P400T Terabyte Storage Appliance. That’s right, a terabyte storage appliance. This may seem like a lot for the consumer or even SOHO level user, but if the data storage industry has shown us anything, its that you cannot have too much reliable storage space. Does the average user need a terabyte or more of storage? Probably not, but once you factor in use by a business or a power user who needs data available on multiple systems at once or is doing something very storage intensive, like editing video, a solution like this one starts making a great deal of sense. It houses up to four 3.5″ hard drives but is much more than just an enclosure, it has an extensive feature set which enables it to do things that would normally be done on a data server, not just a storage device.”

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