Price and Conclusion

Price – $/Watt


And finally we have pricing for the Phantom 500 power supply, along with the average cost per watt. 


Antec Phantom 500W Hybrid Fan PSU Review - Cases and Cooling 30


This is the MSRP as of October 2005.  As you can see, the Phantom 500 with hybrid fan technology is not an inexpensive PSU, but it does offer excellent power, efficiency and potentially silent operation and is backed by a 3-year warranty. 





Antec has increased the output capacity of the new Phantom 500 to 500 watts of combined, continuous power by adding a variable-speed fan with three user selectable temperature profiles.  The hybrid fan technology enables the Phantom 500 power supply to run in silent (fan-less) mode most of the time.  The Antec Phantom 500 power supply should be of particular interest to users requiring near silent operation while being capable of delivering above average output power.  All of the outputs were stable and well regulated across a wide range of loads and the Phantom 500 proved to be one of the most efficient power supplies I have tested to date.


The Phantom 500 power supply is slightly longer than most standard ATX power supplies and much heavier.  Even though the Phantom 500 is designed to operate primarily in silent mode, it does require good air circulation around the power supply for optimum cooling.  In addition, your case should have at least one exhaust fan to circulate air and not rely only on the PSU.


The Antec Phantom 500 is relatively expensive but you get what you pay for: high quality, high efficiency, great looks, and potentially silent operation — highly recommended.  I would like to thank Antec for sending us this most excellent power supply to review — thanks!

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