T-break has a review of the ASRock 939Dual SATA2 up, the board with a dual personality. It will take dual core CPU’s, it has Dual Channel Memory, both IDE (3) and SATA (2), an odd slot labeled “future CPU slot” and the ability to accept either an AGP 8x card, or a PCIe 16x, although not both at the same time.  All that and a price that is under $100.
“The ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 has a decent set of features supporting the 939 pin based Athlon64/Dual Core CPUs with dual channel memory controller as well as most of the new technologies like SATA2 and USB 2.0. You also get 7.1 channel audio and a 10/100 Network interface which is fine. Of course, the biggest feature of this board is support for AGP 8X and PCI-E x16 cards that can be utilized independent of each other or simultaneously.”

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