The reviews are in, but is it in stock?   Start off with Hot Hardware’s comprehensive testing of this series of cards.  The top of the line card might not totally blow the 7800GTX out of the water, but then again, how many games utilize ATI’s version of Shader Model 3?  Be warned that this card wants power, even when idle.  Make sure your power supply can handle the load. 

After you’re done, make sure to come back and read Ryan’s review!

‘The situation is reminiscent of NVIDIA’s prior to the launch of the NV30 which later became known as the GeForce FX 5800. Back then, NVIDIA had been commissioned to develop a GPU and chipset for the original Xbox, and planned to have their new GPUs produced on an advanced .13 micron manufacturing process. The combination of the move to .13 micron and the resource drain of developing core components for the Xbox caused NVIDIA to falter, which allowed ATI to step in with the R300. For roughly two years following that scenario, ATI was perceived as the leader in PC graphics, while NVIDIA worked feverishly to regain a leadership role. Today, it seems as though the tables have completely turned, however. ATI is now building the GPU for the upcoming Xbox 360, and they are moving to a .09 micron manufacturing process to produce their latest line of GPUs. In kind, ATI has also fallen behind NVIDIA by nearly a full product cycle. Coincidence? Perhaps. Ironic? Definitely.’

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