BFG has a 7800 GT card with a pre-installed water block on it for the extreme enthusiast market. How does water cooling affect overclocking and performance?


BFG Technologies has gone from nothing to being one of the most respected names in the graphics card business in a matter of three years.  In a world where the fates of technology companies seems to be changing on a weekly basis, that kind of success is something that is both noteworthy, and worth your investigation.  Surely if that many people seem to like the BFG name and product, then perhaps there is something to it?

The first BFG card we have tested here at PC Perspective is what you see today: a water cooled GeForce 7800 GT card aimed at the true enthusiast market.  Water cooling is something of a niche market, but that market has been steadily growing over the years as more and more product becomes available that aims to simplify the process of ‘going liquid.’  We have been using liquid cooling on our test beds for over a year here now, both to better aid us in overclocking testing and to avoid the constant headaches that seem to pervade having five open air computers running in a single office. 

BFG knows that there are quite a few people that want both of those features in their GPU as well and with this card are attempting to make it even easier to do.

Specifications (from BFG website)


BFG GeForce™ 7800 GT OC™ 256MB

>> PCI Express™
>> Memory 256MB GDDR3
>> Core Clock 470MHz (vs. 400MHz standard)
>> Memory Clock 1050MHz (vs. 1000MHz standard)
>> RAMDAC Dual 400MHz
>> Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and lower, OpenGL 2.0 and lower for Microsoft® Windows®
>> Connectors: Dual DVI-I, HDTV, VIVO
>> 940 million vertices/sec.
>> 33.6GB/second memory bandwidth

BFG GeForce™ 7800 GT OC™ with Water Block. Factory overclocked to 470MHz / 1050MHz (vs. 400MHz / 1000MHz standard), this built-to-order card will feature a water block instead of a GPU fan for those wanting to purchase or who may already have an existing liquid-cooled PC system. BFG will hand-build your card using Arctic Silver 5 Premium Thermal Compound. Easily hooked up to any existing 1/4″ tubing system or to 3/8″ tubes with the included adapters, this card runs cool and silent. BFG Tech is proud to offer their true lifetime warranty on this graphics card. 

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