The Tech Report takes a look at what is known in the way of plans from AMD this year, and into the future.  If you are curious, or just looking to confirm any rumours you might have heard, then give the article a good look.
“AMD HAS BEEN rather tight-lipped about its future plans recently, as we’ve noted. Its public CPU roadmap was last revised in March and doesn’t extend beyond the end of this year, with no major product changes slated between now and then. This situation has led us to puzzle over exactly what AMD has in store for 2006 and beyond, and Friday’s grand opening of Fab 36 presented an opportunity to find out. AMD’s new CTO, Phil Hester, led a brief session about AMD’s future technology directions, where he sketched some of the company’s microprocessor plans. Afterwards, we had the chance to ask him a few questions, as well. We still didn’t get a roadmap update with product code names and target dates, but we did get a sense of what features AMD is planning to build into its CPUs in the coming months and years. Among them: more extensions to AMD64, four or more CPU cores per chip, and “reconfigurable” cores that can act like on-chip coprocessors.”

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