Usability – Weight & Display

Mobile Usage
Using the V2410 on your lap is fairly comfortable since it’s fairly light and the base is essentially flat. The size of the laptop itself is small enough to fit in tight seats like on a bus, train, or airplane.

Throwing the laptop into my messenger bag and taking the morning train was manageable. I did have to shift my weight a few times to reduce strain, but it never felt like the load of the laptop was too heavy. Compaq reports the weight as 5.38 lbs. In comparison, my friend’s Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop (15.4″ WXGA) weighs a lot more in your hand compared to the V2410.

The power supply for the laptop was light but still a little bulky to carry. I really like the design of the “bricks” of Apple iBooks and PowerBooks and I wish something similar was done here.

The colors by default are a bit saturated but can be easily fixed by adjusting the ATI Color and Overlay settings. With the display tilted back a little (about 20-degrees), the display looks incredible. The colors are really sharp and there’s essentially no color or light bleeding. For a $999 USD laptop, it looks as good as those displays found on more expensive Fujitsu or Sony laptops. I had the V2410 sitting next to my friend’s Inspiron 6000 and I made her feel bad because her Dell looked dull and depressed. The high-contrast clear screen really helps in producing a nice image

The viewing angles are okay, but the colors change quite a lot depending on how you view it. At 90-degrees, the colors looks a bit flat, but if you tilt it back another 20 degrees, you’ll be amazed.

Compaq Presario V2410 Turion 64 Laptop Review - Mobile 20

Watching DVDs and other media is superb, but I did notice that dark colours are a bit light (really obvious in Sin City) and that the response rate is a bit slow at times making action sequences hard to follow. Unfortunately, laptop manufacturers do not usually advertise their response rate and contrast ratio so it’s hard to pick out a decent display on a store shelf.

For general work, web surfing, and media browsing, the display is just fine and looks great.

Note: For testing the V2410’s display, I cloned the image onto my 17″ Samsung 710N to make comparisons.

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